I grew up in a small town next to Amsterdam, surrounded by beautiful Dutch nature. I often played in these natural surroundings where I could soak up the fresh air and discover beautiful natural treasures. Here lies the foundation of who I am today and where the love for nature and all colors and shapes around it started.

Creating beautiful things it’s what I loved doing most and as long as I can remember nothing else made me happier. After graduated as a fashion designer, I’ve worked 12 years as a designer for several Dutch brands. During my career, it became clear to me that the current fast fashion industry has a huge impact on the people and the environment. Often due to lack of vision and the craving for more and more. Clothing produced at high speed for quick consumption. A proces in which everything is aimed at as quickly and as cheaply as possible at the expense of quality, people and the planet. Contributing to this way of working is not something I supported or aspire to.

“During my career, it became clear to me that the current fast fashion industry has a huge impact on the people and the environment.”

Since I’m a mother of two beautiful children myself, I want to use my knowledge and experience for a better world for now and tomorrow. So my children and future generations, just like when I was a kid, can continue to enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer for as long as possible. I don’t like fast fashion, quantity over quality and fashion trends that will be “out” in a few weeks. I’m a strong believer of slow fashion and I love beautiful fabrics and minimalistic design. So I quit my job as a designer and started a long cherished dream… my own sustainable kidswear brand “The cult of tomorrow”.

With The cult of tomorrow we are slowly building a permanent kids collections which can be worn season after season. Creating sustainable, high quality and comfortable pieces for children to play in and are easy to combine with the rest of your kid’s wardrobe. Step by step I try to add thoughtful, comfortable items to the collection that I am looking for for my own kids. Slow, sustainable and ethical are important principles for us in our whole supply chain. This goes further than only the use of organic cotton. We create timeless designs, invest in high quality sustainable materials, use only recycled or responsibly sourced labeling and packaging materials, use treatments that have the smallest impact on people and the environment and ship as sustainably as possible. We create garments that lasts longer than 1 season, 1 moment of wear, or a single wash and encourage passing on the clothes from brother to sister or to other kids from friends or family.

With The cult of tomorrow I hope that we can contribute to a world without fast consumption. A world with less clutter and less waste. A healthy environment for future generations, because only together we can create a better tomorrow for our children.

Founder & Designer

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